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Armando’s Gallery House in Redding

A dinner at Armando’s Gallery House is unlike anything you are otherwise liable to experience in Redding. Armando Mejorado is a Redding artist, who works in a broad range of media. He opened an art gallery in a charming building … Continue reading

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Armando’s Gallery House Moroccan Dinner in Redding

Erin attended the opening night of The Moroccan Dinner at Armando’s Gallery in Redding and came away with a few images. He’s hosting another 2 nights, but I’m told it may be sold out. Looks like a lot of fun. … Continue reading

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Pope Francis pays a visit to the U.S.

I’m happy that the Pope is visiting the U.S. today. I admire him. I was raised a Catholic, although I have not considered myself to be such since a young man. This Pope seems much different than most during my … Continue reading

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Antlers Bridge fish sculpture painting

Capture a couple images of the new Antlers bridge decor while zooming by on Interstate 5. You can see the workers painting scales, for scale. Not workers, then. Artists. Anyway I posted about the Antlers Bridge artwork here before.  I didn’t … Continue reading

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Sundial Bridge webcam

The Sundial Bridge webcam keeps you updated on the iconic Redding art-bridge status from your desk or mobile device. Click on the image for the current feed. It’s a Bridge! It’s Art! It’s Really Redding.

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Northstate photographer David Gendron

David Gendron lives and shoots in our far Northern California region. His images often range from surreal to abstract and beyond. Provocative, and evocative. Visions well worth our view. Click on any of the thumbnails here to go to his … Continue reading

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Visit the Courthouse Museum in Old Shasta

Before Redding existed, Shasta was the queen city of Northern California. Shasta’s mostly fireproof main street now lies in ruin. But you can catch a glimpse life in the Gold Rush era and more at the Courthouse Museum. The ruins … Continue reading

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The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows

Over the years I’ve been writing here, I discovered I love combining words with images. John Koenig take it a step further by defining new words with images. Words that describe emotions we all have in common, but for which no … Continue reading

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New banners coming to Downtown

Viva Downtown accomplishes great things for Redding. I saw these terrific looking upcoming banner designs in a FB post and thought I’d share them here. Nice style. These should really dress up the streets in stylish art. I look forward … Continue reading

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Post industrial yard art in north Redding

I already posted the dog sculpture back in September, and I see it has now been joined by another interesting piece. Go, triumphant wrench woman! Love it. That’s ReallyRedding.

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