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Local beer and winemaking store set to re-open

The onset of cooler weather lately had me thinking about brewing a batch of handcrafted beer. I went by the local beer and winemakers supply store, only to find it closed. But wait, there’s a sign in the window. Hooray! … Continue reading

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A Redding school becomes a nightclub

Here is Redding’s Pine Street School, not long after it was built many years ago. And here it is now as Coco Loco, a restaurant and nightclub. The rest of the school was converted to offices and one other restaurant … Continue reading

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Homemade SUV

Spotted this homemade crossover vehicle at the Farmers Market on Saturday. It seems to have been fashioned from a Ford Festiva. Probably gets great mileage for an SUV. Looks really cool too. Obviously the work of creative mind. Maybe Ford … Continue reading

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Amusing Craigslist typo

Spotted in Farm and Garden, Aug 20. Grey cocktails are often pretty tame. Which conjured this image. Maybe one should try it with a salted rim. Or a touch of Tobasco. We are easily amused here at Really Redding.

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Hummingbird bathing

We noticed a hummingbird become fascinated by the fountain. It went in for a drink. Once you’re in, it’s hard not to get wet. Bbbbbbbbb. Oh this is nice. Maybe I’ll just lay here a while. Wheee! Ahhh. That’s refreshing. … Continue reading

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Human Electric Hybrid Car from Oregon

Check out this video of a Human Electric Car that may possibly be produced in Eugene Oregon. Using a plug-in electric propulsion system, one person can drive this car up to 60 mph on flat terrain. With 4 people, it … Continue reading

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Looking down on Redding…

… from the sky. Erin took this photo of Redding looking south from a recent flight over our fair city. You can see the Sundial Bridge looking somewhat translucent. Click on the image to enlarge it. And we have a … Continue reading

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Sikh Center in Anderson

This type of architecture is not commonly seen in buildings of worship around here. This is the Sikh Center in Anderson. There is also a Sikh Temple nearby, pictured below. I found this on their website: “With Waheguru’s grace Dr. … Continue reading

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Increased local thunderstorm activity was predicted

Here’s another massive supercell image from yesterday over Lassen. It seems to me we’ve had a notable increase in the quantity and size of local thunderstorms. I have no scientific basis for my observation. It just seems to be the … Continue reading

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Thirsty Hummingbird examines fountain

Photos by Skip. Not exactly related but this little guy sat stunned after running into the window. Ow. Then flew off.

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