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Rainy day in Redding is no Nor'Easter blizzard

Watched New Englanders digging out of record snow again on TV. Since much of national news is East Coast based, it seems to be big news everywhere you look. And in fact it looks rough out there. Are you growing … Continue reading

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Listen and play new music free, courtesy of the Earth Mantra netlabel

You can listen to ambient and space music free at the Earth Mantra website. Here’s a link to the latest collaborative release of a few friends of ours, and longtime fellow travellers, Jim Combs, Jez Creek, and Kevin Haller. It’s … Continue reading

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A new window on the Earth and more.

Actually 7 new windows, courtesy of STS-130, the 130th Shuttle mission ending (hopefully) today. If you’ve been keeping track over the last 13 days, you know our brave astronauts have finished installing an observation module on the International Space Station … Continue reading

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February Voter published

Erin worked hard on getting out the February issue of The Voter, the newsletter of the League of Women Voters. Events around Women’s History Month are coming up so there is lots associated with that celebration. Be sure and join … Continue reading

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SOBs at the Ale House

The Shasta Society of Brewers had a social gathering to hoist a few pints at the Ale House in Redding last night. Despite the photo, the place was pretty packed. So was Bleachers next door, and Bert and Ernie’s, down … Continue reading

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Golden fish

Why do they taunt me?

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I repair my camera flash

I was heartbroken when my flash unit failed a few weeks ago. Especially because the repair center wanted nearly as much money to fix it as it originally cost. Repair or replace? It’s a tough call. It’s the same with … Continue reading

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Our music is nominated for an award!

Our CD Beyond the Portal was nominated for Best Ambient Album of 2009 by, a music industry website. It would be nice to win, but it’s very gratifying just to be nominated. And I’m a big fan of Deborah … Continue reading

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Shasta SOB website is up and running

I’ve been helping the local Society of Brewers set up their website. It’s up and running, so set your bookmarks and RSS feeds. No doubt it will gaining momentum quickly. Click on the image to go there, or type

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Think. It's Patriotic.

Bumpersticker on a Toyota, as seen in Redding. Not sure what the original message was here. But even if the original message has faded, it’s still compelling. I believe thinking is indeed patriotic. Thanks for the reminder.

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