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Ideas will not work unless you do

A wise thought seen today at this landmark Redding Church. The striking pyramid form located the top of Placer is visible for miles around town. The First Presbytarians have a website HERE. They have been active in Redding for over … Continue reading

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Cow Creek tire swing

Saw this tire swing on Cow Creek near Whitmore yesterday. It called out to me. Too cool for an Autumn swim, I settled for a photograph or two. Overexposed going for the long shutter time ‘misty water’ look. Photographers who … Continue reading

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Cat gazebo

Butch, the neighbor’s cat wandered in this morning and made himself at home. We thought this was just a stylish end-table, but Butch quickly identified it as a cat gazebo for feline meditations. Who mew?

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Fall run Salmon spawn in Clear Creek near Redding

Restoration efforts have paid off for Clear Creek, but even so, this Fall run seems way below recent years. We tried to imagine prior runs where the creek was filled with fish from edge to edge. We spotted these battered … Continue reading

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Esperanza's Tamales

Esperanza and Luis sell their Tamales at the Farmer’s Market in Redding. A yummy tamal in the morning makes the rest of the day go well (just $2). They have beef, pork, chicken, and a veggie version. All good. We … Continue reading

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Fiddling with Windows 7 today

Been messing with Micro$oft’s latest OS here the last few hours, trying to get my workstation back to useful. I like Windows 7 so far, but it’s the usual M$ nerd fest. This is appropriate: I haven’t had an Apple … Continue reading

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Redding League of Women Voters growing online

Erin and I have been working on helping to get the Redding League of Women Voters more online. They have long had a website and a print newsletter, but it’s a real adjustment to go more online. It will be … Continue reading

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Unintentionally ironic RS headline

My printed paper arrived totally soaked today. Obviously the carrier didn’t bother reading the headline! Perhaps he thought he was delivering the online version. At least we were able to enjoy the Alliteration of the second header, Pot Plantations Problematic … Continue reading

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Sawblade yard art in Bella Vista

“Saw” this yard sculpture at a probate property sale in Bella Vista yesterday and just had to post it. You can picture the scene: “Grandpa, what are you going to do with all those old sawblades?” asked Grandma. “I’m making … Continue reading

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I get interviewed on KRCR News Channel 7

Orville Thomas of local ABC affiliate KRCR News Channel 7 interviewed me over the weekend about the impending deadline for the federal first time homebuyer tax credit. We spoke for quite a while at a home for sale where I … Continue reading

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