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Dry Creek misnamed apparently

The sign says Dry Creek. It’s not. In a few more days, if the sun comes out this creek will run through verdant green fields blazing with Shasta County wildflowers. This is a stunningly beautiful creek in the Springtime, as … Continue reading

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Aurora Borealis in time lapse

Gorgeous video of the Aurora Borealis from Norway. Well worth your 2 minutes if you haven’t seen it. Having done some minimal time lapse photography myself, it becomes even more impressive. Every short bit of imagery took an entire evening … Continue reading

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A Bench in the Sun at Riverfront Playhouse

We took in some local theater at Riverfront. They had some awesome finger food before the show served up by Jewel’s Catering. And dessert at intermission. Excellent wine pours by longtime thespian Jet Thomas. “A Bench in the Sun” is … Continue reading

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Boot Hill graveyard…

…became the Buckeye Pioneer Cemetery. A rainy day seems appropriate for a few images. There’s only this one marker. The names date from the late 1800s. The entire site is just a parcel amongst homes on Irish Road just north … Continue reading

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Heroes of Fukushima

“The good of the many outweighs the good of the few, or the one.” I’ve been thinking a lot about the heroes of Fukushima Prefecture in their battle to restrain the invisible fire of radiation from the damaged reactors. As … Continue reading

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What to do when the gas runs out?

Check out these actual local fuel prices: Fuel has been going up steadily. Today we hear of riots in Saudi Arabia to add to the Middle East storm brewing. Stocks are in the tank, even if gas isn’t. What if…? … Continue reading

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