A Bench in the Sun at Riverfront Playhouse

We took in some local theater at Riverfront. They had some awesome finger food before the show served up by Jewel’s Catering. And dessert at intermission.
Jewels Catering in Redding CA
Excellent wine pours by longtime thespian Jet Thomas.

“A Bench in the Sun” is about a couple of grumpy old guys vying for the attention of an aged actress who comes into their lives.
Riverfront Playhouse in Redding CA
Ha ha! We know they’re old because one of them is reading a newspaper. I found I couldn’t identify with the humor…much.

REALTOR Affiliate night at the Riverfront. This longtime local theater troupe is seeking to raise funds for a new location on Pine Street. Check out this funny show through April 16th, and spend a few dollars towards their new facility. It will be a much nicer place to catch a play. More at their website, RiverfrontPlayhouse.net.
Riverfront Playhouse in Redding CA
All the world’s a stage; it’s Really Redding.

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