I’ve uploaded some of my music, and some where I collaborated with Craig Padilla.
Please enjoy!

Agate Beach by Skip Murphy
Agate Beach by Skip Murphy
Agate Beach1 by SkipMurphy
2010 Skip Murphy

Sundial Bridgeby Craig Padilla with Skip Murphy
Sundial in the Clouds by Skip Murphy
Sundial bridge2 by SkipMurphy More about this track here. 2007 Craig Padilla

Snowfallby Craig Padilla and Skip Murphy
Craig Padilla and I recorded this electro-ambient piece in 1994, or earlier, according to the sound file. It remained unfinished and “in the can” since then. More a sketch than anything else. I stumbled across it looking through some old material. Barely remembered. It’s a pleasant sketch, elaborated on here to just about 7 minutes.
Snow in Redding CA 2010
Snowfall by SkipMurphy
Electro-Ambient music from the ’90s. It’s the indigenous music of ReallyRedding.

Relax Craig Padilla, Skip Murphy, Ron Dare.
Experimental music from a late night jam with friends.

Scott Valley Horse, photographed by Erin Murphy

Way back in the ’90s, Chico DJ Ron Dare came to Dancing Astronaut Studio in Redding for a night of jamming.
Relax2011 by SkipMurphy

Swaddled by Skip Murphy
Swaddled by Skip Murphy 2010
Swaddled by SkipMurphy 2010 Skip Murphy

Cloud Study By Skip Murphy
Cloud Study by Skip Murphy 2010
Cloud Study v2 by SkipMurphy
2009 Skip Murphy

Eye of the Storm
Storm Break by Skip Murphy 2010
Eye of the Storm by SkipMurphy
1996 Craig Padilla and Skip Murphy. More about this track.

A Planetarium Past Craig Padilla, Skip Murphy, Al Mires, Dave Barnett
I wondered what it would be like to play live inside the Schreder Planetarium in Redding. Now I know.
Planetarium in redding
Planetarium Show Live (Set 1)

Rails Skip Murphy
Rail Trestle in Redding CA
Rails by SkipMurphy

An appropriately hypnotic video by visual artist Zrnho set the music Craig Padilla and I recorded in 2010, using analog synthesizers:

Another Zrnho video interpretation. This one is from a collaboration between me, Craig, and Zero Ohms, Beyond the Portal.

A prolific poster going by 10zen10 has created a music video with pretty bird images taken by photographer Daniel O’Byrne. It’s set to the music I helped create along with Craig Padilla and Zero Ohms a few years back, a piece called Realm of the Spirit, from the CD Beyond the Portal, released on the Lotuspike label. A nice meditation.

Fairy Rings

Fairy Rings in our fair city from Skip Murphy on Vimeo.

2010 Skip Murphy