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Bold action to protect future generations

To me, the danger seems clear enough. Some won’t agree. Even if you don’t, the potential calamity that awaits our grandkids is too much to risk. And so we must err to the side of caution in any event. This … Continue reading

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The drought is real, but not all California is built in a desert

These images were taken today. A light dusting of snow in April on Castle Crags. April showers bring May flowers in Really Redding.

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Prepare for another hot dry season.

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Redding is getting warmer

But don’t take my word for it. Climate change is pure physics. The atmosphere doesn’t care what you think or believe. It simply reacts to physics.

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Cottonwood Creek wet and dry

A study in contrast. The first image, the Interstate 5 bridge at Cottonwood Creek, when it was running at a pretty good clip in 2006. And then below, from yesterday in 2014. I’ve noticed a lot of changes in the … Continue reading

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Madness, Apocalypse, and redding.com bloggery

Noticed an interesting juxtaposition at the blog section of redding.com this morning. First, Doug Craig posting about the recent wake-up call represented by Hurricane Sandy. Followed by David Benda wondering which corporate chain would be open first for Black Friday, … Continue reading

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One thousand gallons of gas

Something of a jarring milestone on my dashboard this morning as I refueled. In the real estate biz, it seems nobody ever wants to ride their bikes over to look at a house. A clandestine image of a regular supplier … Continue reading

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Holiday Greetings from the space station

Just wheeling by overhead. They probably won’t get the day off. Seasons Greetings from space. It’s ReallyRedding.

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Human Electric Hybrid Car from Oregon

Check out this video of a Human Electric Car that may possibly be produced in Eugene Oregon. Using a plug-in electric propulsion system, one person can drive this car up to 60 mph on flat terrain. With 4 people, it … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, 24 days later, a mile below the surface of the sea

They finally release the video. The lighter colored stuff is liquefied natural gas. But hey, who’s on American Idol tonight?

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