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Big MF for sale

Massey Ferguson, that is. That’s what is says on this big truck seen for sale on Lake Blvd in Redding. Here’s a view of the back of the truck. Around here, they say go big or go home. Yeah, that’s … Continue reading

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Pat Karch Band at Sundial Bridge Cafe photos

We went for a walk to the River Trail yesterday evening, down from Hilltop, a nice short cardio walk. We didn’t know there was a band playing. Approaching from the north side, we could hear Pat’s unmistakable keyboard licks from … Continue reading

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JW's Big Weenie inserted into Bug Museum

Longtime readers will recall this was once the home of Redding’s only Bug Museum. No more. Owner/Chef Diane displays the completely renovated, and eat-off-the-floor kitchen. No bugs here. It’s bigger than I remember inside the diminutive galley. Menu please. Mlle. … Continue reading

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Worst Persons in the World

They say there’s no “bad” publicity in the world of entertainers and celebrities. There’s only publicity. If true, Redding has been getting it in spades over the last few days. MSNBC’s Keith Olberman has been featuring our own Congressman Wally … Continue reading

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Some photos of Aug 22 Redding Dragstrip 10.5 Shootout

There was a good turnout of racers and fans for last weekend at the Redding Dragstrip. I run their website for them, so I went out to get some photos. The Redding Dragstrip is committed to offering a safe family … Continue reading

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Missing. Have you seen my imaginary friend?

Spotted this poster at the Holiday Market at the corner of Shasta View and Hartnell. “Frequents discount sushi bars and polka raves.” But then, who doesn’t? On the other hand…I love my hometown, but soon I start thinking that seems … Continue reading

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Exciting race day planned, Saturday at the Redding Dragstrip

The Redding Dragstrip is hosting a race for very powerful drag cars with skinnier-than-average tires, which makes for interesting and challenging racing. Also racing will be the street legal cars. Allowing street racers to run their cars at the strip … Continue reading

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Our music featured on Cool Streams at Ambient Caverns

We received news that our music is featured on Cool Streams in the Ambient Caverns section. Cool Stream plays music over the internet that you can listen to while you work. Pretty, uh, cool! This is our latest release on … Continue reading

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Sand artist brings tears for 1945 Ukraine…and nothing else matters.

I know this one is making the rounds, (100,000 views since yesterday!) but I have to post it here in case you haven’t experienced it. Not Really Redding, but really inspiring.

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Don't insult me with money

This gentleman was waving his sign on Churn Creek Road yesterday. He is a tilesetter apparently. His sign says: NO CHARITY HERE. Don’t insult me with money, but respect me with a job offer. Its a Pride Thing . Thank … Continue reading

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