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Watch the fish being fed at Turtle Bay Museum

You can watch the the fish in Turtle Bay’s Sacramento River aquarium being fed each day at 10:30 am. Here’s a brief video of the scene, recently.

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A balmy Winter day in Redding

Gorgeous day in Shasta County! Throw open the windows. We get some hot Summer days here, but our spectacular Winter days make up for it.

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Ski Park set to open on the 20th!

This is big news. Especially since the park was only opened for a few days last year due to the drought. Readers note that we always keep a link to the park’s webcams at the Local NEWS tab, above. Winter … Continue reading

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Post industrial yard art in north Redding

I already posted the dog sculpture back in September, and I see it has now been joined by another interesting piece. Go, triumphant wrench woman! Love it. That’s ReallyRedding.

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2 days left for your comments on Moody Flats EIR

As noted by the editor in today’s Record Searchlight, you have only 2 days left to register your comments about the EIR for proposed large quarry at Moody Flats. I noted my opposition to the Project (as currently proposed) in … Continue reading

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Cutting the cord in Redding

It just wears you down. The cable bill was really high every month, but our actual time spent watching TV was shrinking. Every month, paying for channels we never watch. It was like going to a restaurant and being forced … Continue reading

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On driving a zero emissions vehicle

We have had our Nissan Leaf over a year, and driven more than 15000 miles, or 24,000 kilometers, if you prefer. We like the Leaf very much. You get used to driving past gas stations pretty easily. When I wake up … Continue reading

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12/13/14 and 3 Shastas

Captured this image this morning after a big storm passed. “Stormpocalypse.” Click to embiggen. It was a big rainstorm, and we need more of that, please.  

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Cafe Paradisio in Redding

“The Paradisio Experience: Simple food prepared extraordinarily well, served in a casually elegant atmosphere.” That description from their website is quite accurate. This downtown Redding restaurant is remarkably good. The walls are lined with art from local artists that you … Continue reading

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In opposition to the Moody Flats Quarry

Every citizen of Shasta County should read the draft  Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) for the proposed Moody Flat Quarry north of Shasta Lake City. They are taking written public comments until December 18, and you need to voice your opinion. … Continue reading

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