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Record Searchlight reaches hypocritical new low.

Let’s begin this with the acknowledgment that the Record Searchlight is nothing but a business that makes money selling advertising. In the past, their position in our community as a strong representative of independent journalism guaranteed readership, and thus advertising … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving! Plus, link to a good post for today

I have so much to be grateful about, it wouldn’t even fit into a day. Nevertheless we are celebrating at home with friends and family, and Karry’s usual “Martha Stewart on steroids” dinner. Love it all. If you make the … Continue reading

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Redneck fire detector

Hee! This one tickled my funny bone. Thanks to Andy and Glenda, the Tropical Twosome, for sending me this twisted bit of humor.

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Solar Fields

This video showed up in my e-mail the other day. I don’t know if it’s authorized, but it’s nice. It says the music was recorded Freitag (German for Friday) Nov 14. Solar Fields is a European music artist with whom … Continue reading

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Welcome to deflation

The other day I wrote about gasoline prices falling twice in one day. It’s fallen again. Before you rejoice too much about the sudden cheap gas, you may want to consider it as a leading indicator of a deflationary economy. … Continue reading

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We’ve been members of the Redding Chamber of Commerce since 2005. I never thought of myself as a “chamber” type person, but it’s actually a pretty good thing, and I’ve learned a lot. Once a week, many members meet for … Continue reading

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Buy American?

I love the colors of the Fall. This Liquidamber seems to be growing out of the top of my car here. I took this a few days ago. I was thinking about my Cadillac today after watching GM CEO Rick … Continue reading

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A good explanation of what happened

As in, what happened with all the bad mortgages, and how that affected the financial markets. The drawings are crude, shall we say, and so is the language, but it makes the point. Not suitable for work, maybe, and don’t … Continue reading

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Cheap gas, film at 11

I ran across this intrepid reporter getting video of the cheap $2.12 gas at Arco yesterday. Never thought I’d see that again. Later I went by there after he’d gone, and they had dropped it again to $1.99. That news … Continue reading

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More planetarium music

The music from the other day that was recorded at our Planetarium started me looking through the archives for others we recorded in the darkness of the Schreder. This one caught my ear. Give it a listen and if you … Continue reading

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