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Is it wine yet?

No. More like Grape Soda. It’s comfortably fizzy, but not overwhelmingly so. I was worried it might taste like too-old fermented orange juice, but it doesn’t have that twang. Nope, after 48 hours, it’s tasty Grape Soda. Mainly, I’m glad … Continue reading

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Halfway to wine

“Dude, you’re making Pruno. That’s what they drink in jail,” he said with a smirk. I shook my head. “No man, it’s Federweißer. I looked it up in Wikipedia. It’s big in Europe. At least, I think it that’s what … Continue reading

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Make wine in 2 days

That’s the claim of Spike Your Juice. We’re going to find out if it works. For $10 usd, you get an airlock that fits a 64 oz bottle of grape juice, and some packets of the wine yeast. I bought … Continue reading

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A Praying Mantis

Spotted this critter meditating under the porch light this morning. An eye-catching line from the Wikipedia entry on Mantis behavior: “The reason for sexual cannibalism has been debated.” Really? Apparently, I missed those debates. I wonder how they went, and … Continue reading

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Jonsi in concert

Craig Padilla told me there was going to be an extraordinary video concert simulcast yesterday on NPR, of all places. Jonsi is the lead singer of Sigur Ros, a big favorite of mine. The concert did not disappoint. Hey, it’s … Continue reading

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Fascinating Coachella concert video

Okay, so its not Really Redding. Really Coachella instead. Fascinating to watch though. This is a photographic effect with which I’ve experimented previously here. An artificial reduction in depth of field. It makes everything look miniaturized. They’ve combined that effect … Continue reading

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Catch and release

Among the memories of my youth, I very fondly recall catching lizards. Their reptilian stares, their colorful and varied skins of beady armor. Although I no longer wield the hand-eye speed I possessed in those magical days of jars and … Continue reading

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Liu Xiaobo and his prize

I don’t think of ReallyRedding as a political blog. But in fact, every act of written expression is a political act in this world. The recent award of the Nobel Prize to Chinese writer Liu Xiaobo makes this painfully clear. … Continue reading

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Saint Michael’s Catholic Church in Shasta Lake City

Here are a few images I took of Saint Michaels Catholic Church in Shasta Lake City yesterday. I found some information about this church at this website. Apparently it’s just over 50 years old, built when this area was called … Continue reading

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Eye of the Storm

Here’s a recording from 15 years ago. Craig Padilla was asked to make a soundtrack for a video to be aired on Redding’s cable access channel. Local video artist Namaste had edited video footage he had taken of stormclouds moving … Continue reading

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