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Free legal services for low income folks in the Redding area.

I posted an article over at A News Cafe about local free legal services available to low income individuals and families. It’s pretty comprehensive, so I won’t repeat it all here. Here’s a link to the article about the free … Continue reading

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Soup Supper at Lema Ranch for LWV

We attended the League of Women Voters Soup Supper at Lema Ranch. I sat for soup with Redding Mayor, Patrick Jones. He’s a very dedicated public servant, and I came away impressed. Above, LWV member Erin Murphy and Redding Mayor … Continue reading

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Beermaking in Redding

A News Cafe ran the 3rd and final installment of my Homebrew series of articles. In case you missed it over there, you can link to it at the image below. And no, it has not been tested yet. We … Continue reading

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The Voter published for December

Erin and I worked on this month’s publication of the The Voter, which is the online newsletter for the Redding League of Women Voters. Stop by and take a look HERE. Also, Erin invites you to join their group over … Continue reading

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Unintentionally ironic RS headline

My printed paper arrived totally soaked today. Obviously the carrier didn’t bother reading the headline! Perhaps he thought he was delivering the online version. At least we were able to enjoy the Alliteration of the second header, Pot Plantations Problematic … Continue reading

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Our new music CD is released!

Yay! Yesterday, Craig Padilla received the first shipment of our new CD Beyond the Portal.. This his being distributed worldwide on the Lotuspike Label, via Spotted Peccary records, an artist run label. We’re pretty stoked! We celebrated with champagne we … Continue reading

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I’m quoted in the RS

A good article about buying foreclosures by David Benda appeared in the RS on Sunday. It was thoughtful and accurate. Read it HERE. Mother doesn’t go out anymore Just sits at home and rolls her spastic eyes But every weekend … Continue reading

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