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Crabby New Year!

Buz’s Crab is a Redding institution. We are lucky to live within a reasonable radius of a truck drive to the coast for fresh Dungeness Crab. Buz’s always has fresh plenty of fresh seafood. Consequently, this is a very popular … Continue reading

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Rails -new ambient work

Feeling creative over Christmas, I recorded this ambient piece I titled Rails. A little over 8 minutes. I hope you enjoy it. Rails by SkipMurphy

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A musical gift from the Planetarium past

This isn’t related to Christmas, but I recently completed this project from the archives I’ve been editing, and so I’m putting it up. Sometime in the late 1990s, Craig Padilla produced a series of music events at the Schreder Planetarium … Continue reading

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Short SF film was created on low budget, high creativity

MODERN TIMES from BC2010 on Vimeo.

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Awkward family photos for our ’80s Christmas cards

Daughter Erin has been getting some mileage on Facebook posting our family Christmas card images from the ’80s, and labeling them awkwardly for a laugh. Actually, they are pretty amusing in retrospect. Growing up Murphy meant that you couldn’t just … Continue reading

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Holiday Greetings from the space station

Just wheeling by overhead. They probably won’t get the day off. Seasons Greetings from space. It’s ReallyRedding.

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Total e-clips photos from Redding

I really wanted to take images of last night’s rare total eclipse of the moon from Redding, but it was too cloudy. So I went and found the total of e-clips that I had in my shop instead. All 5 … Continue reading

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Stormy Saturday images

A couple of shots from a few minutes ago in Redding. An excellent rainy day. Makes you want to head up to the Ski Park. Rainy days. They’re ReallyRedding.

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Getting high at Highland Park -images

High on a lift known as a cherry picker, that is. I went up yesterday to take some photos and video of the beautiful new subdivision under construction by Palomar Builders in Redding. It was a spectacular day, and the … Continue reading

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Visualizing friendships

Ran into this interesting blogpost over at Facebook by Paul Butler. A statistician plotted pairs of friendships by location, and came up with this really interesting graphic. Click on the image to enlarge to 3.3mb. It’s a persuasive graphic. And, … Continue reading

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