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Apparently, I spent much of my adult life sheltered from what must be a daily reality for some. I showed an inexpensive bank-owned house yesterday evening to a curious buyer. Among other issues, it was infested with fleas, a quick … Continue reading

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Not my Starbucks

News that 600 Starbucks will be closed has recently been accompanied by articles of various towns rallying behind their favorite Starbucks to try and keep it open. When it was announced that this store on the corner of Cypress and … Continue reading

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Fire sale RV spotted on 273

Mabel? You smell smoke? As seen in South Redding today. Hope everyone got out okay.

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Cursed home for sale

Ran into this while showing bank-owned homes to a buyer yesterday. It’s at the front door. She said it was a curse on the house. She said “I know how to remove the curse,” to which I replied “So do … Continue reading

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Happy Indpendence Day 2008!

The Fourth of July is always a large celebration in Redding. This year it is decidedly low-key because of all the forest fire activity going on. They canceled the big fireworks show, for instance. That’s usually a big deal around … Continue reading

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