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Natalie MacMaster at TED

I wandered over to TED today for a bit and this music video from 2003 had me smiling all the way through. 18 minutes. Natalie played here in Redding at the Cascade a while ago, and I’m sorry I missed … Continue reading

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Airpark Cafe a very pleasant surprise

Some friends and I met today for lunch at the Airpark Cafe, at Benton Airpark off Placer Road up the hill at Gold Street. I didn’t even realize there was a restaurant up there, on the second floor. I was … Continue reading

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Imagining 10 dimensions in 11 minutes

This was an interesting and fun video about how to conceptualize 10 dimensions, although we beings only seem to occupy 3 or 4 of them. At least, so it seems. Well worth your 11 minutes. Watch Imagining the ten dimensions … Continue reading

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Zebras in Palo Cedro

Unless I was mistaken. Perhaps these were just unusually marked horses. Just another day in lovely Palo Cedro.

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Hawk on a limb photo

Took this one yesterday. Only got one shot before it flew off. Still, I like the composition. I like to shoot birds. With my camera, I mean. Still, my shots are nothing compared to what you can find here: … Continue reading

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A few sample MP3s from Beyond the Portal

As promised yesterday, I am posting a few sound snippets from our new CD. Please enjoy, and if you wish to purchase directly from the artist, you can do so HERE, just as soon as we can get a Paypal … Continue reading

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Our new music CD is released!

Yay! Yesterday, Craig Padilla received the first shipment of our new CD Beyond the Portal.. This his being distributed worldwide on the Lotuspike Label, via Spotted Peccary records, an artist run label. We’re pretty stoked! We celebrated with champagne we … Continue reading

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1,474 Megapixel view of the Inaugural

Click on the image below to see a spellbinding view of the recent innaugural by David Bergman. The photographer’s blogsite is here: Or at GigaPan here: Really quite a technical photographic achievement that now has become an amazing … Continue reading

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Dinner and a Movie at the Cascade, with a few pix

We attended last evening’s Dinner and a Movie at the lovely Cascade Theater. Sponsored by chef Doni Greenberg of Food for Thought/A News Cafe among others, this series showcases a food themed movie, and then features a cooking demonstration onstage. … Continue reading

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We're watching the Innagural today

An orderly change of government. Change we can hope for. Please end this war in Iraq. Please put the US back to work. Please restore our place of respect in the world. Not too much to ask for, I hope. … Continue reading

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