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January “Sunpocalypse” in Redding

The mainstream news is full of images and stories about the Midwest and New England states getting buried in snow the last few days. “Snowpocalypse,” they say. More is on the way, we hear. You folks have our sympathy. If … Continue reading

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Slam Buckra now a crossover artist.

One of my all time favorite Redding artists passed away recently at age 53. Damn. 53. Like much of Redding music, Slam was hard to categorize. I won’t try. Jim Dyar does a good job of it at this post … Continue reading

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Ride the Shasta Daylight – a gorgeous rail trip

Some time back in a more graceful age, you could ride the Shasta Daylight from Redding. Riders watched Mt Shasta go by in daylight hours from a comfortable railcar with an observation dome, and enjoyed meals in the articulated Pullman … Continue reading

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Neighborhood Church of Redding

Here’s a Redding Church with a name as unassuming as the architecture of its building. In addition to their east Redding Church facility on Loma Vista, Neighborhood Church of Redding has an extensive website. You can explore their Mission and … Continue reading

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High performance vehicles rely on the best fuel

Even though gas is about 10 cents cheaper just across the street, sometimes only the best will do. It would appear some of the heat shield tiles were torn off during atmospheric reentry, but hey, it’s still rolling. High performance … Continue reading

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Facebook is the new AOL

That’s the conclusion of this article about Facebook by John Dvorak, a columnist I often agree with. Coincidentally, local blogger Marc Beauchamp brings up the point about how businesses are using Facebook, perhaps to the detriment of the economy. Perhaps … Continue reading

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Chicks dig Ferraris

Problem: You drive a Chrysler. Solution: Re-badge it as a Ferrari. Problem solved FTW. “Wait, what? I paid good money for this Ferrari! I bought it on Craigslist.” As seen in a north Redding parking lot yesterday. This strategy probably … Continue reading

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Music from Redding’s Planetarium past – Set 2

I posted the first set of music from Craig Padilla‘s mid 90’s live show a few days ago here. I believe we called the shows “Impulse-Live from Space,” but I couldn’t find any of our promotional materials. I did find … Continue reading

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Images of snowcapped mountains over pastoral Cottonwood

Saturday was dreary in the valley, but Sunday was aptly named, as the sun exposed the mountains above Cottonwood, gleaming in snowy dress. This is looking northwest, toward Igo.

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Gorgeous video

I know this one is making the rounds, but in case you haven’t seen it. Not ReallyRedding, but Really Nice photographic art. View full screen and full volume. Inspirational work. The Third & The Seventh from Alex Roman on Vimeo.

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