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A Cinemagraph of Erin

A Cinemagraph is described as an image somewhere between a still photograph, and a video. I saw some very creative and artistic Cinemagraphs by talented New York photographer Jamie Beck. Inspired, I thought I’d try the technique. Like anything truly … Continue reading

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Images of metaphorical Manzanita

The living ruddy flesh of the Mazanita flows gracefully over the gray wooden skeleton of it’s past. A living glacier. It doesn’t ask for much. A shallow footing of brittle gravel, or some hardpan clay. Daylong relentless scorching sun. Seeds … Continue reading

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Download free music from Still Married today.

Just got a tweet from Cottonwood’s Erin Friedman that she’s posted a few of her authentic local original songs on her website for free listening or download today, Sunday. Check it out by clicking on the image above, or the … Continue reading

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Norway in our thoughts and prayers

Incomprehensible. Such a sadness. You are in our heart and thoughts today, Norway.

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Chuck Norris spotted on River Trail

Walker, Texas Ranger is seen here keeping order at a vending machine just off Redding’s River Trail. Actually, we were surprised to see the vending machine at all. Some enterprising vendor found an excellent location on the way to the … Continue reading

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4 views from the Diestelhorst Bridge

Yesterday’s heavenly weather created spectacular skies over the Diestelhorst Bridge. Here’s the 4 compass points. East, North, West, South. Sometimes you just have to stop and stare. It’s Really Redding.

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One thousand gallons of gas

Something of a jarring milestone on my dashboard this morning as I refueled. In the real estate biz, it seems nobody ever wants to ride their bikes over to look at a house. A clandestine image of a regular supplier … Continue reading

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“Carmageddon” effects felt as far north as Redding

These images taken today show literally dozens of cars packing Redding’s major downtown arterial streets like salmon in a stream, clearly reflecting the tense situation in the Golden state. The well publicized closure of the 405 Freeway in LA is … Continue reading

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Astonishing Booster Cam video from the last launch of Atlantis

This gave me chills. We did this. We humans. The latest “news” headlines will quickly fade to nothingness in short time. But the Shuttle program achievement will be marveled by history.

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77 degrees in mid-day Redding , mid July. You hot?

Redding has a well-deserved reputation for hot summer days just like many areas of South Carolina. Living somewhere like South Carolina would be unbearable without ONE HOUR HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING providing a source of cool air throughout your home. … Continue reading

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