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Smokejumpers practice their skills

I was in Mountain Gate when I happened upon these smokejumpers practicing. Click any image to enlarge. Check out the person standing in at the door. Jump! So, these folks jump leap from perfectly good airplanes… …into forests of pointy … Continue reading

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2010 Census data maps ethnicity by individual

I like interesting maps. This one plots 2010 Census data by ethnicity. One dot per person. Click on the image below to go to the larger map. You can scroll in and out to get detail. Interesting button on the … Continue reading

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The HDMI cable scam

As you may have noticed, HDMI cables are used daily and are a common household product, allowing tech owners to connect their various devices together. More often than not, if you were to purchase a gadget that needed an HDMI … Continue reading

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Jackson Ranch for Dogs

Possess a problematic pooch? Jackson Ranch for Dogs offers canine training and boarding. After deciding they wanted to combine their passion for dogs and their careers, Carla Jackson and Mark Olney founded Jackson Ranch for Dogs in July of 1999. … Continue reading

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The State is sending low level offenders to Shasta County

This plan has been well publicized. Federal judges have ordered the State to reduce prison populations. State budget problems have forced leadership to think outside the cell, er box. The State will begin sending low level offenders back the counties … Continue reading

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Nor Cal Beat – another news source for the northstate

A hundred years ago, even a small town like Redding had several newspapers competing for attention. Over time, consolidation blended those choices into one local paper. Now, ubiquitous internet has opened up new possibilities, and lowered barriers of entry for … Continue reading

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Lassen Park webcam

Springtime Redding weather leads inevitably to thoughts of camping trips and starry nights. I ran across this webcam for Lassen Park that reminds us that the high country is still in late Winter at this point. Very pretty, nonetheless. Here’s … Continue reading

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Heroes of Fukushima

“The good of the many outweighs the good of the few, or the one.” I’ve been thinking a lot about the heroes of Fukushima Prefecture in their battle to restrain the invisible fire of radiation from the damaged reactors. As … Continue reading

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Remember the ocean?

You won’t recognize the place after watching this short video. And this was recorded a few days before our Deepwater Chernobyl. We keep trying to help the salmon that swim by our River City. But they have to go and … Continue reading

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What if Deepwater/BP had blownout in Shasta County?

The recent Deepwater Horizon/BP oil blowout is big. How big? Here’s a map of the spill, only spread over Shasta County. Paul Rademacher is using GoogleEarth to give us all a better understanding of the size and scope of the … Continue reading

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