What if Deepwater/BP had blownout in Shasta County?

The recent Deepwater Horizon/BP oil blowout is big. How big? Here’s a map of the spill, only spread over Shasta County.
Oil if it was in Shasta County
Paul Rademacher is using GoogleEarth to give us all a better understanding of the size and scope of the problem. Although the news is using phrases like “the size of Delaware,” it can be hard to visualize. The link lets you place the oil over any geography on earth. You need to install the Google Earth plugin if you don’t have it already. It seems to be a harmless plugin.

The oil is not harmless.

Early on, some doomer bloggers were predicting this would be something we’d never seen before. That it would be unstoppable, and carried in the gulf stream, it would eventually destroy the entire ocean ecosystem of the planet. Maybe. Can you say it won’t? So far they have been unable to stop it, or even slow it down. And if you have been following the news daily, they seem to be downplaying it every day, until the news get worse. At first it was just a fire, then it sunk. Then just a few thousand gallons leaking, now millions. Then, they were going to put a cap on it, but it failed. A mile beneath the sea, and 30,000 feet below that, the oil has other ideas. It’s like a bad science fiction movie, only real.

Anyway check the link. We are an oil based civilization, and the fragile sea pays the price.

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