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Hedge Creek Falls in Dunsmuir

Image from Hedge Creek Falls from a few days ago. A beautiful short hike in Dunsmuir California. You can walk behind the falls pretty easily. Just about an hour or so north of Really Redding.

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Photographer Ryan Albaugh

Photographer Ryan Albaugh lives and works in the Fall River region of eastern Shasta County. The area is full of majestic scenery and people enjoying a country life not typically seen in most of California. That sense of place that … Continue reading

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Cafe Maddalena in Dunsmuir

Approaching Cafe Maddalena from across Pine street, subtle clues suggest this isn’t your typical northstate eatery. Inside you’ll find a diminutive space, making it all the more intimate. Warmer weather allows more dining on their back patio. Seen here, the … Continue reading

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Blooming Winter on Eureka Way

Just a bit more gloating about our fine Winter weather. Spotted these blooming trees in front of a medical building on Eureka Way in Redding and grabbed these images with my cell phone. Spring is still 30 days away. More … Continue reading

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You cold, east coast?

While the east coast literally freezes today and posts pictures of ice skating on their toilets, this Redding driver enjoyed a lovely day in a nice car on Lake Boulevard. Shot taken through my windshield. Say, I just had a … Continue reading

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A boxcar full of…

I don’t want to encourage graffiti at all, but I saw this today on Highway 273 near Redding and couldn’t resist the shot. I think we’ve all ridden that train before, only to discover too late it was pulling a … Continue reading

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