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Street gangs of Redding

Spotted this gang on the street this morning. Click to slightly enlarge. #Thuglife Redding style.

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Armando’s Gallery House in Redding

A dinner at Armando’s Gallery House is unlike anything you are otherwise liable to experience in Redding. Armando Mejorado is a Redding artist, who works in a broad range of media. He opened an art gallery in a charming building … Continue reading

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Everyday Redding gains Kickstarter campaign funding

Everyday Redding is all about promoting our region’s shop-buy-local ethic. Their recent Kickstarter campaign to get start-up funding for a local shopping card reached their goal. You can learn more about Everyday Redding at their website: “We think Redding is … Continue reading

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Woody’s brew pub in Redding

Woody’s broke a dry spell of sorts when they came to town. Redding seemed to be “between” brew pubs. So we were all like thirsty mine workers, waiting for that first beer. Needless to say, the arrival of Woody’s was … Continue reading

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Comprehensive guide to Redding area waterfalls

We’ve had some good rainfall this season. Here it is early February, and the sun is shining and the air is in the upper 70s. Definitely time to go see the refreshed waterfalls that surround us in the beautiful northstate. … Continue reading

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Shasta Paddlers group finds liquid fun

Here is a group based around Redding for kayaking and “the paddling lifestyle,”  Shasta Paddlers. I see here they have a paddling meet-up posted for February 6 in Redding. They’ll be practicing in heated pool, so that sounds pretty good.There’s no … Continue reading

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