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Nathan’s Artisan Sourdough Bread

Nathan makes amazing bread in his home kitchen in Fall River Mills, and sells it at Redding’s Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings. Our favorite is the Organic Garlic Asiago. Glorious! “Ingredients: Organic wheat flour, water, organic sourdough culture, garlic, asiago … Continue reading

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R&R Meats and Seafood in Redding

They were lined up out the door in the rain today to get fresh crab from R&R Meats and Seafood in Redding. My ticket number was about a hundred away. Still, everyone was cheerful and wishing one another a Merry … Continue reading

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Budget Bytes

Curating here a blog that covers two of my favorite things, food and frugality. Click on the fish tacos with cumin lime slaw to go to the site. Not a Redding based blog, but you could hardly get more Really … Continue reading

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Sparkling Pomegranate Mead

Took a sip of this fine handmade Sparkling Pomegranate Mead I got for Christmas from Alex and Kimberly Gabel, wondering what food goes with Pomegranate Mead? Mmmm. Oh. All food. Thanks, you guys!

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Our Thanksgiving bird

The lovely Karry decided to try cooking a turkey that had its main bones removed first. We ordered this partially de-boned 22 lb bird from R&R Quality Meats of Redding. Laid out flat over fruit, fresh herbs, and garlic. Cooking … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving 2014 arrives

And we know this, because the lovely Karry breaks out the… More info at the Special Shit website. Chalk it up to me being easily amused.

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Northstate potatoes

A thoughtful neighbor brought us 20 lbs of these beautiful bakers straight from Tulelake. One of the premiere potato regions in the world, and grown here in the northstate. Yum! Thoughtful neighbors and local grown potatoes, it’s Really Redding.

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Go get an Onoburger at the Ono Store and International Cafe

Ono is only about 16 miles from Redding on out Placer Road, but it feels somehow much farther away. Arriving there feels like the culmination of some kind of trek, crossing this insanely tall bridge. Idyllic pastoral Shasta County scenes … Continue reading

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Squashghetti -what to do with Summer squash that gets away

We’ve all seen them. Those giant Summer Squash or Zucchini that hide among the leaves in your garden until a few days too late, you notice them. Too big now to become delicate grilled veggies, they are now hulking massive … Continue reading

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Salt and Savour bring the flavor

Here’s a new locavore treat. Salt and Savour make sauerkraut in Dunsmuir. I bought a jar recently. The first application that came to mind was a kraut hotdog. I know I was thinking of that flaccid, pale, and vinegar driven … Continue reading

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