Salt and Savour bring the flavor

Here’s a new locavore treat. Salt and Savour make sauerkraut in Dunsmuir. I bought a jar recently. The first application that came to mind was a kraut hotdog.
Salt and Savor1
I know I was thinking of that flaccid, pale, and vinegar driven sauerkraut. But oh no, no. This is nothing like that.
Salt and Savor2
“Subtle,” says the delightful Karry. Agreed. There is a lot going on in this kraut, but it doesn’t hammer your taste buds. Instead, imagine cut grass or a street after a rainstorm. The tangy caraway blend seen here has a nice veggie crunch in each bite. Surprising.
Salt and Savor3Sauerkraut also goes really well with a pastrami on swirl rye. And hey, guacamole. It seems this jar won’t last long.

The health benefits of naturally fermented sauerkraut are well documented. Nevermind that. It tastes good. I’ve heard their product is now available in Redding at the Farmers Market on Saturday, behind city hall. Salt and Savour are on Facebook too, so give ’em a Like. Highly recommended local food.

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