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Old Redding scenes, new views

It’s been so beautiful out the last couple days of 2008. A lovely way close out the year. I took the opportunity to shoot a couple of Then and Now scenes in my favorite city. The old photos are courtesy … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas and a fractal cat

Merry Christmas to you. I ran into this image while surfing today, and thought I’d share it with you. It was done by an artist on Flickr named Haarnaald you can see HERE. Nice work. Amazing what a skilled photo/artist … Continue reading

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McDonalds rises again

Here’s a few images of the new McDonalds building on Cypress Ave in Redding, rising from the ruins of the old building. It looks to be very substantial, and much more well constructed than the building it replaces. The old … Continue reading

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Local Winter photo contest – you can vote

A News Cafe is running a winter photo contest. There are some lovely entries. If you haven’t seen them, you can click HERE and vote for your favorite. I really like Brian Rueb’s entry, which looks like Burney Falls in … Continue reading

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Redding’s Bug Emporium and Museum exterminated

While Christmas shopping, I went to the on Hartnell, only to find it shuttered and empty. Wow, that’s too bad. Where will shoppers find that perfect gift now? I wonder what happened? Just over a month ago, I wrote this … Continue reading

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Urgent- If you value safety and communication

Perhaps you read that the National Park Service is trying to eliminate the communications equipment from the top of Shasta Bally. Their concerns revolve around aesthetics and views for the park. Those concerns are valid, but only to a point. … Continue reading

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Local RS story goes viral

Local story goes big. RS staffers seen later whooping it up. Kids these days. Tsk.

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Big business bailouts inherently unfair

This image is making the rounds on the internet. Sort of funny and not funny, all at once. Yesterday, local Red Bluff Ford announced they were declaring bankruptcy. And Miller Auto of Redding announced they would be abandoning Mitsubishi. Today, … Continue reading

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More electronic music from Sensitive Chaos

My friend and fellow planetarium musician Jim Combs plays in the Atlanta area (mostly) as Sensitive Chaos. He also plays in collaboration with other folks, and leads the music festival there, City Skies. If you’ve been enjoying some of Craig … Continue reading

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What do you see in the sky at night?

You see time. This recently released 18 minute video from TED is thought provoking. Awe provoking, really. TED has lots of thought provoking information from smart people. Worth a lengthy surf to their site if you haven’t seen some of … Continue reading

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