Old Redding scenes, new views

It’s been so beautiful out the last couple days of 2008. A lovely way close out the year. I took the opportunity to shoot a couple of Then and Now scenes in my favorite city. The old photos are courtesy of the Shasta Historical Society (consider joining us) and the new ones I took yesterday.
Market Street in Redding
Market Street in Redding

I didn’t get too technical about duplicating the exact location, but that might be a fun project.
Old Yuba Street Redding
New Yuba Street redding
Here’s what the Eaton House project is looking like, all winterized apparently. We save so few of our old buildings in Redding. This is a great opportunity to preserve something of the past.
Eaton House on West Street Redding
Eaton House on West Street Redding
It’s going to be much better when finished than it had ever been. One thing about Redding’s past is that there wasn’t a whole bunch of architecture really worth saving. Much of what seemed worth saving is gone. The Carnegie Library, The Old Courthouse, the Hall of Records. All dust. Judge Eaton’s house is a fairly ordinary looking thing, and maybe that’s what will make it interesting to future generations.

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