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New CD combines 1894 native voices recording with 2009 ambience.

One of the big bonuses to being on the artist run label Spotted Peccary (aside from the occasional royalty check Yay!) is getting new discs in the mail from a fellow label artist. Yesterday I received a copy of Deborah … Continue reading

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Redding's got talent

In my individual circle of life, there’s no shortage of this particular talent. But this person felt compelled to announce on the back of their car that it’s their only talent. Well, it pays to specialize, one supposes. As seen … Continue reading

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There was a lot to do in Redding this weekend, but…

Airshow. Homeshow. Craftshow. We stuck around the cave this weekend, for the most part. Much like this critter. Sometimes it just fits. Really Redding.

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Airshow 2009 features Blue Angels

This year Redding’s airshow features the Navy Blue Angels. They always put on a spectacular show. Today they were practicing, and even though I live many miles away from the airport, I took a couple shots from out back. The … Continue reading

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Buckeye Tower Mart gets upgraded

Tower Mart v2 opened in the Buckeye part of Redding yesterday. It’s a nice upgrade to the area. Gas prices look attractive. And it has an automated Car Wash. I know they are concerned about the competition over at nearby … Continue reading

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What can we do with Stillwater Business Park all by ourselves?

I wonder if the time hasn’t come to consider something a bit more radical for nascent Stillwater than just waiting around to see who might show up. Redding is in need of turning a retail economic base into a manufacturing … Continue reading

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Bethel posts video predicting Redding's bright future

We meet a lot of Bethel Church folks at our Mall Kiosk. This rapidly growing church attracts people from all around the world. They posted this video about a prophesy for Redding that I found interesting. With thanks to blogger … Continue reading

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NHRDA presents the Jefferson State Diesel Nationals in Redding on Saturday!

Coming tomorrow, Saturday Sept 19 at the Redding Dragstrip. Just $10 for a day of Jefferson State style entertainment. Watch the video and click on the ad for more. Be there!

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Summer Schappell plays the Asphalt Cowboys BBQ

Summer Schappell is the granddaughter of my colleague Bill Schappel at the real estate brokerage I worked with in 2009. She’s an up and coming singer who has performed here and recorded in Nashville. She and her band gave a … Continue reading

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Redding man wants to barter car for wife

Folks you just can’t make this up. This is in Craigslist today under barter items. Not sure if he wants to trade a nice car or truck for a wife, or the other way around: Hmm, well if he’s trading … Continue reading

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