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The Tropics Christmas Carol

(slurring words, shouting erratically…) “Is this a gay bar?!” (Annie, with patience….) “No Kirsten, its just a dive.” We followed the Christmas Star to get here as wise men once did ~ wandering around Redding in a drunken haze after … Continue reading

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A picture of deer

Following up on my slow-news-day-blogpost-series leader from the other day, “A Picture of a Bug,” today I present a picture of some deer. Well, I like them. It was hot waiting in the sun for them to pose. For some … Continue reading

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Why so many hydroponic stores in Redding?

With a little care, you can grow just about any crop you want in temperate Redding. Outside. Using no electricity. Yet our town boasts enough retail establishments selling hydroponic gardening gear to serve a colony on the moon. You can … Continue reading

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The Buddha out my window

I have this small statue in the garden. I have been asked if I am Buddhist. I’m not, although I find myself in alignment with several of the important concepts. Things like impermanence, mindfulness, attachment, and Karma. Mainly though, I … Continue reading

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Saloons in 1904 Redding

I was looking for some information about the long vanished Golden Eagle Hotel in Redding when I stumbled upon a Business Directory for Redding from 1904 at a Genealogical Site. I absolutely love reading through genealogy resources. You can learn … Continue reading

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A picture of a bug

Here at ReallyRedding, I sometimes have lovely local images to share, or perhaps some amusing or topical observation. But then today, I find myself posting a picture of a bug I took yesterday. Well, it was a rilly inneresting bug, … Continue reading

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Food assistance at the Farmers Market in Redding

Local residents in need of food assistance can buy fresh organic fruit and vegetables from local farmers using the EBT system at Redding’s Certified Organic Farmer’s Market. This capability allows folks with food assistance money to buy something other than … Continue reading

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Unusual Redding yard art americana

We like odd yard art here. Here’s an example. What better example of americana can you imagine than a decorated rusting American car, neatly displayed with a metal pine tree? As seen on Verda Street in the Garden Tract. It’s … Continue reading

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Fantastic fairie photo from the fourth.

One more look at our 4th of July 2010, with an image I took of Erin at Mt Shasta cavorting with street fairies. Erin processed the image till it looked quite surreal, and posted it in Facebook. But it was … Continue reading

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Foodie porn images from a Rivers 4th of July

We received the email invitation to Rivers Restaurant for their 4th of July Dinner: “Your 7-Course evening will begin with appetizers, and culminate with dessert and the largest fireworks display in Northern California.” Wow. We’ve been trying to shed a … Continue reading

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