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Cedar Waxwings get a dry year drink

Before I learned they are Cedar Waxwings, I only knew them as birds with purple poop. Of that, we can see much evidence. I didn’t know what they were, but I could guess what they ate. A small flock has … Continue reading

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“Eat here or we both starve”

Edit 2019: Well, one of us starved, evidently. The repainted Big Dipper is currently offline. Hunger Games from the Big Dipper in Shasta Lake City. The Big Dipper isn’t all that big. But it’s been open for 75 years or … Continue reading

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Camden House offers a glimpse of Shasta history

Merry Christmas to you and yours on this holiday eve in 2013. Here’s the historic Camden House just west of Whiskeytown Lake with some holiday decor. There are historic tours listed at the Whiskeytown Ranger led tours page. This from … Continue reading

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Cascade Theatre in oil

Well, digital oil paint. I thought this digital image manipulation turned out interesting. The lovely Cascade Theatre in Redding rendered as something like an oil painting, with just few clicks. That is all.

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Blacksmiths in Old Shasta today

Happened on this Blacksmith Demo this morning in Old Shasta. It really reminds you how important metal fabrication skills were to a community. Great work, smiths one and all!  

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Eaton House in Redding dressed for Christmas

The late Judge Richard Eaton’s home is being turned into a local museum. It’s really looking good these days, and now decked out for the holidays. Click to slightly enlarge. Behrens-Eaton House Museum. Open Tuesday and Wednesday 10 am – 4 … Continue reading

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Bear Mountain Ranch

Snapped this barn while stuck in traffic today, believe it or not. Click to slightly enlarge.Well, traffic control actually. There isn’t much traffic out here. They are widening the road, it would appear. Traffic control is the pause that refreshes. … Continue reading

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Lim’s Cafe celebrates 80 years

Here’s a nice sunset image I captured yesterday. The Lim’s Cafe sign characterizes the Miracle Mile. A beacon to travelers coming into town from the north. According to blogger Marc Beauchamp, Lims Cafe is celebrating 80 years here. Click to … Continue reading

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Redding on Reddit – Photographer Cory Poole makes the front page of the internet today

Almost 3000 upvotes as of this morning! Reddit, self described as the Front Page of the Internet, has boosted Redding on its Front Page this morning. An image on Subreddit Earth Porn (which by the way can I add is … Continue reading

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