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Transcendant music video, by David Helpling and Jon Jenkins

One of the best parts of working with the artist-run music label Spotted Peccary Records has been meeting the other recording artists on the label. Check out this impressive new music video: The Knowing (LIVE) – David Helpling and Jon … Continue reading

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Kool April Drags 2009 photo slideshow

Click on the image above to see my photos from last weekend.

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4-20 Time to consider legalization and taxation of Marijuana

The time has come to consider legalizing and taxing Marijuana. Sure, it’s easier to ignore this problem and go along with the status quo, than to come out for change. But it’s my blog and I can say what I … Continue reading

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Extreme autos race one another at the Redding Dragstrip

There is something utterly visceral about watching two jet powered cars race. You have to be there to feel it. Last night, these two “cars” spooled up, and took off down the track at over 200 mph. Afterwards, there was … Continue reading

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Where the rubber meets the track on Kool April Nites

Hope to see you at Kool April Drags this evening, and over the rest of the weekend. The weather is supposed to be perfect. I’m only a casual fan, but I run their website. This event is their biggest of … Continue reading

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Where our taxes go

Yesterday was painful, but not as painful as it would be to live ANYWHERE ELSE ON THE PLANET. Still, this chart is worthy of your consideration. Be patient after clicking on it. It took a while to come up.

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Escapee from Turtle Bay found hiding on our porch

We ran across this hardened escapee from Turtle Bay. Perhaps Turtle Bay is like Pelican Bay, and escapees should be considered dangerous. We live along the Sulphur Creek watershed, so it was a clear path to freedom for the smelly … Continue reading

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We took the Bullet Train to San Diego

We spent a few days in San Diego after taking the Bullet Train out of Redding. It just took a few hours. I remember when it took all day on I-5 back in the bad old days. What a great … Continue reading

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Photos of Innerworkings at Bombays Apr 6. Awesome show.

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Band debut at Bombay's Monday April 6 @ 8 pm (note new time)

My friend Craig Padilla has lately been playing keyboards with longtime Redding guitar rockers Innerworkings. They are doing their first live gig with this new lineup at Bombay’s, opening for a band called Highlight Bomb and 2 other bands. $5 … Continue reading

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