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Shasta Dam with floodgates open

Redding is blessed by an abundance of fresh water. “Freshwater makes up a very small fraction of all water on the planet. While nearly 70 percent of the world is covered by water, only 2.5 percent of it is fresh. … Continue reading

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Map of Shasta Lake… or Lake Shasta

Is it Shasta Lake, or Lake Shasta? Anyway, here’s a nice looking commercial map of Lake Shasta. Click to enlarge. Redding is a resort town, although we often seem to forget that. This map makes it clear. You can get … Continue reading

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Redding is a cool resort town

Driving around downtown, and bicycling the Sacramento River trail, it’s sometimes easy to forget Redding is also a world class resort town near one of the biggest recreational lakes in California. Our busy season starts Memorial Day weekend. Here are … Continue reading

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Chamise Peak Trail delivers a splendid perspective

A rare view that includes both Castle Crags on the left, and the 3 Shastas to the right. A perspective gained from the top of the Chamise Peak Trail just north of Redding. The Chamise Peak Trail is considered “easy.” … Continue reading

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High water release at Shasta Dam

A series of views of the Shasta Dam spillway running at high water release I captured on Feb 12 2017. This water flows into the Sacramento River. I believe the flow was around 70,000 cubic feet per second at this … Continue reading

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Take in the Lake Shasta Dinner Cruise

Few northstate activities are more Really Redding than a day on Lake Shasta. So what could be better than a Dinner Cruise on the largest boat in the lake? The lovely Karry and I recently went out for dinner with … Continue reading

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CookHouse at Bridge Bay

Welcome to CookHouse at Bridge Bay.  Longtime Redding people will recall this restaurant and lounge as Tail O’ the Whale. Click any image to enlarge. The main dining area is under great spokes radiating from a center pylon. The large windows to the north allow views … Continue reading

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Houseboating party on Lake Shasta

Here’s a fun video of some Oregon kids having a big multiple houseboat party on Lake Shasta. Houseboats and good times. It’s Really Redding.

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Read the Shasta Lake Bulletin

Here’s a hyperlocal publication relevant to the Shasta Lake region. Seen here are both an archived edition and the online version. Click on either to link to their site for the current news. We keep a link in the sidebar … Continue reading

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Shasta Dam, front and back

2 views of the dam and lake. With a gentle Spring rain filling our lovely lake today, I thought I’d post this view from the overlook, and then from O’Brien. Both seen in each other’s backgrounds. Precious water from an … Continue reading

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