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Puerto Vallarta Restaurant on Eureka Way

At Puerto Vallarta, they make your guacamole right at your table. Yeah, that works. Fried Jalapenos? Of course! Fire up your Dopamine receptors. Nothing to see here. Move along.Camarones a la Mexico, and Carnitas Tacos!Great Mexican food. Authentic welcoming vibe. … Continue reading

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Craig Padilla releases new CD: Heart of The Soul

Redding’s popular electronic musician Craig Padilla has a new CD released on the Spotted Peccary label: You can listen to some exceprts of Heart of The Soul the music and purchase a copy directly from the artist at the link. … Continue reading

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Stunning timelapse of Earth below

Exquisite beauty from our space station, set to inspiring music. Turn it up. Breathtaking! View from the ISS at Night from Knate Myers on Vimeo. The Earth. It’s Really Redding.

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The Finale approaches for Tenor’s Liquor

It’s difficult to believe, but a liquor store is going out of business in Redding. Tenor’s belied it’s last-chance location with focused selection, and an incongruous ability to engage staff with a well informed conversation about single malt Scotch. I’m … Continue reading

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Modern dance as Frank Zappa conducts -brief video

Here’s a real YouTube gem. Frank Zappa’s final performance in 1992 in Frankfurt. Having spent the last couple months watching/videographing Erin Rader and Max Friedman’s practice for last Saturday’s Cascade Theatre benefit performance, this dance became even more impressive to … Continue reading

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Brief practice video for Dancing with the Stars Shasta County Style!

Come on out tomorrow night and see the stars! Team Erin and Max have been practicing until it hurts. Please support this great cause!

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Images of 4th of July in Mt Shasta City 2012

In nearby Mt Shasta, they celebrate Independence Day like any small town. Everyone running or walking through town en masse, past musicians, clowns, and fairies. Pausing briefly to grab something to eat or drink, but always walking around, and seeing … Continue reading

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