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Delta Fire pyrocumulus from the 3 Shastas overlook

Expand to Full Screen for 4K resolution. Timelapse 4K 1 frame per second, 9/5/2018. The very aggressive Delta Fire, burning just north of Lakehead. Fire season this year is like nothing anyone has ever seen. Anyone aware acknowledges that years … Continue reading

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My new car sent me an email

We recently traded our fully electric Nissan Leaf for a plug-in hybrid Chevy Volt. Unexpectedly, the Volt sent me an email yesterday. It let me know how well I was doing at driving it around (and compared me to others), … Continue reading

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On driving electric in Redding

We drove our Nissan Leaf over 33,000 miles on nothing but electricity in and around Redding over the last 3 years. 33K miles, 0 gallons of gas. We have some some observations. We love this car. It’s incredibly easy to … Continue reading

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Check your solar availability in Redding

Google has a cool feature that uses their mapping knowledge to guestimate your home’s suitability for generating solar power. They call it Project Sunroof. It doesn’t work everywhere, but for the addresses in Redding I tried it worked fine. Check … Continue reading

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City Car Share spotted in Redding

Seen over the Memorial Day weekend. It’s an intriguing concept. Why own a car when you can rent one quickly and easily?Redding is an automobile-centric metropolis. Good luck getting around here if you don’t have a car. But owning a … Continue reading

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Solar goat shades

Spotted this pastoral view in Bella Vista today. Goats taking shade under solar panels. A truly green scene. I imagine there’s a lot of livestock around here that would enjoy some solar shades.

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2 days left for your comments on Moody Flats EIR

As noted by the editor in today’s Record Searchlight, you have only 2 days left to register your comments about the EIR for proposed large quarry at Moody Flats. I noted my opposition to the Project (as currently proposed) in … Continue reading

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On driving a zero emissions vehicle

We have had our Nissan Leaf over a year, and driven more than 15000 miles, or 24,000 kilometers, if you prefer. We like the Leaf very much. You get used to driving past gas stations pretty easily. When I wake up … Continue reading

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Churn Creek Meadow Organic Farm delivers to your door

CCMOF is an organic farm that offers fresh produce grown in the fertile soil of world renowned Churn Creek Bottom. Then, they offer free delivery to your home or office. check out their website: A local business offering to locals. … Continue reading

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Human Electric Hybrid Car from Oregon

Check out this video of a Human Electric Car that may possibly be produced in Eugene Oregon. Using a plug-in electric propulsion system, one person can drive this car up to 60 mph on flat terrain. With 4 people, it … Continue reading

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