On driving a zero emissions vehicle

We have had our Nissan Leaf over a year, and driven more than 15000 miles, or 24,000 kilometers, if you prefer. We like the Leaf very much.
You get used to driving past gas stations pretty easily. When I wake up in the morning, the car is fully charged.  Kind of like a smart phone. According to our Kill a Watt energy usage meter, the car takes about $5 a day to charge at a regular 110 volt plug.  But it’s only plugged in about half the time, so about $2.50 to drive.Energy usage Leaf 1280

Leaf Plug
Leaf in French Gulch 2

The Nissan Leaf crossed a big milestone recently, and produced a nice video about it.

Produced for folks who think of distance in kilometers, evidently. It’s not a car for every driver, but if it fits your individual needs, it works very well. And is very pleasant to drive.

Leaf on Vermeer

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