Cutting the cord in Redding

It just wears you down.

The cable bill was really high every month, but our actual time spent watching TV was shrinking. Every month, paying for channels we never watch. It was like going to a restaurant and being forced to buy everything on the menu, even though you were only eating a little.

It finally wore me out. We shut off the cable TV.

Cut the cord antennaWe still watch TV. Mostly KRCR (ABC- channel 7) and KIXE (Public TV – channel 9), with an occasional KHSL (CBS – channel 12) and even FOX on broadcast channel 38. We don’t seem to get NBC. We also could not receive broadcast TV inside the house due to the thermal roof sheathing we have installed to lower energy use. So we called B&T Satellite of Redding (530 241 3474) and they installed an exterior antenna to serve 2 TVs, for $300. It’s aimed west, at Shasta Bally. Fast and courteous work.

We still love Charter for the internet. Well, perhaps love is a bit too strong. They seemed bitter about letting us keep the internet, while pulling the plug on the TV service.  When the tech cut the cable, it changed something having to do with my router. I had to call Linksys and install new firmware. That’s an afternoon spent on the phone I’ll never get back. I like to think it was unintended.

But in all, it’s been a welcome change. KIXE actually has 3 different programs broadcast simultaneously, so that’s been an upgrade. Most everything else we watched, like Comedy Central etc. is online somewhere. We are still exploring a bunch of the online sources like HULU , Netflix, and even Amazon. Our Charter bill is now less than half what it was.

Thinking about cutting the cord? Or wondering what took us so long?

Highly recommended.



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