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Ghost pirate spotted on Lake Blvd today

Okay not something you see everyday just driving around Redding, presumably. A skeleton pirate on his way to the lake. Arrr! What happened to my feet?

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Baby Black Phoebe has no safety net

We hope you join us today, and pause to remember those who sacrificed all for freedom. I have a shot of a fledgling Black Phoebe from the nest under my shed’s eave. The baby’s parents work all day, from sunup … Continue reading

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Video artist/musician worth your view

Really interesting creative musician named Jack Conte. Well worth a listen and view.

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Dog days of summer come early this year

It got up over 100 this weekend, making for a pleasant start of backyard swimming season for us and the various dogs of family and friends.

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A lifetime in 42 seconds

Be sure to let this ‘buffer’ some before watching. Hit play, then pause for a bit. Last Day Dream from Chris Milk on Vimeo. It’s a brilliant work of film maker art. I celebrate the artist, Chris Milk. Kudos, sir. … Continue reading

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Breakfast with the Brewers, and 10,000 of their closest friends

It’s always nice to be a big name-dropper on your blog. Today I crashed the Brewer’s place for breakfast. They had like 10,000 guests. Notice how pleased Steve is to see me and my camera? Hi Steve! Whatcha havin? (BTW … Continue reading

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More inevitable cat photos

Butch, the neighbor’s cat wandered by our backyard BBQ for Mother’s Day. The key to hunting is to look relaxed. When he spots something, he hits them with the ol’ hypnotic eye. Butch the cat! Hope you had a most … Continue reading

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Mr. and Mrs. Black Phoebe eat flies and have babies

An outdoor speaker under the pool shed eaves in our backyard has proven to be suitable housing for a family of Black Phoebes. I put a small videocamera on a stick and gently shoved it in the eaves to see … Continue reading

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Greeters Meeting at Win River is never a gamble. It's sure to be great.

Win River provides a lavish meeting area for the Chamber of Commerce weekly Greeters Meeting. Their breakfasts are always good. Especially fun is that their staff and management applaud you as you arrive. Sounds hokey maybe, but I must admit … Continue reading

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InnerWorkings at Northstar Brewery

Some pix from Saturday night’s show. The band seems to be feeling their groove. The venue was a bit cramped for the musicians. The beer was good though.

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