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When DEVO came to Redding in December 1982

Wow, was it thirty years ago? Looking through an old box in the closet, I ran across these photographs I took at the Redding Civic when DEVO came to town in 1982. Are we not men? We are DEVO! Sure, … Continue reading

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Poetic wild bird eggs

How curious is the nest: no other bird Uses such loose materials or weaves Its dwelling in such spots – dead oaken leaves Are placed without and velvet moss within And little scraps of grass and, scant and spare, What … Continue reading

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Spectacular view of Redding from Space

Okay, it’s the whole hemisphere, but Redding is there. Image courtesy of NASA. Thanks, NASA. Taken on January 4th 2012, so this year’s early light snowpack is well evident. A wonderful and thought provoking image. All the real estate there … Continue reading

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Stunning time lapse of Yosemite

Just about anything having to do with Yosemite is stunning. This qualifies. Good time lapse photography is harder than it looks, making this effort all the more admirable. Best viewed full screen. Yosemite HD from Project Yosemite on Vimeo. More … Continue reading

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Stop and smell the roses

Or in the case of yesterday, drop whatever you are doing and seek a place that has a stellar view of our newly snow dusted mountains, like this breathtaking viewpoint on the way to Shasta Dam. Northern California in all … Continue reading

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An architect’s view of the Redding School of the Arts

Last week at the Shasta Association of Realtors, we had a talk by James Theimer of Trilogy Architecture about the design that went into the recently completed new campus of the Redding School of the Arts. I only had a … Continue reading

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A Short Film About Ice Fishing

You could use a chuckle today. Sometimes even a simple fishing trip can end unexpectedly. A Short Film About Ice Fishing from Jason Shahinfar on Vimeo. Our thanks to film maker Jason Shahinfar for lightening the day. Excellent work.

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Kodak bankruptcy hits close to home

The sad news that Kodak has declared bankruptcy bears mention here. Below, is the clock I was given for my 20th anniversary with Eastman Kodak (EK). 20 years is a long time in the life of a human. I didn’t … Continue reading

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The State is sending low level offenders to Shasta County

This plan has been well publicized. Federal judges have ordered the State to reduce prison populations. State budget problems have forced leadership to think outside the cell, er box. The State will begin sending low level offenders back the counties … Continue reading

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Don’t let them kill the internet

Copyright infringement and online piracy is a complex issue. Unfortunately, current “anti-piracy” legislation before congress labeled SOPA/PIPA is like using a sledgehammer to perform surgery, when the patient isn’t even sick. Media producers flourish in an ever-expanding online world of … Continue reading

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