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When the going gets hot, the hot go to Lassen.

We are so blessed here in Redding. When it gets a bit too hot in the valley, we can head for the hills. It’s not far at all to Lassen Park, maybe an hour or so drive. Once there, you … Continue reading

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Live Music by DJ at the Red Lion

Talk about unclear on the concept. I had just been reading Jim Dyar’s recent article about the Hot Start to the Cascade’s season and thinking that Redding’s really developing quite a live music scene. Then this sign on Hilltop Drive … Continue reading

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Attention: You’ve been Flocked

Spotted this flock of pink plastic in a neighbor’s yard this morning. Apparently their arrival could mark just about any occasion, or even be a fundraiser. There’s a link to the You’ve Been Flocked website HERE. Of course it was … Continue reading

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Tempest blows Anderson away

The Progressive Celtic band Tempest made a repeat appearance at the Mosquito Serenade, and put on a fine show indeed. At first only the youngest kids are dancing, since they are more in touch with the muse. But soon, the … Continue reading

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Want to meet that perfect mate? You need a cool pad like this.

It’s very cool, this lillypad. Location, location, location. That’s what they say.   You need a mate, you’ll have to wait. But then don’t hesitate. With thanks to the model, posed in our backstep waterworld.

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Happy Birthday Art Hop images

The Art Hop Birthday Bash was a huge success, from all we saw. There were lots of people out and about, and so much to see and do. We went for quality over quantity, spending time at Kimberly Nicole, and … Continue reading

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Much Prayer Needed for President Obama’s Safety

I spotted this car yesterday with this big sign taped on it. Not something you see everyday. Certainly, the sentiment was thought provoking. As we sat at the light in front of Trader Joe’s, I snapped this from my cell … Continue reading

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4th of July 2009 Mt Shasta style

We went up to the city of Mt Shasta for 4th of July. While this is not ‘Really Redding,’ it is typically cooler up here and filled with Reddingites anyway, since it’s just an hour north. They have a terrific … Continue reading

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