Happy Birthday Art Hop images

The Art Hop Birthday Bash was a huge success, from all we saw. There were lots of people out and about, and so much to see and do. We went for quality over quantity, spending time at Kimberly Nicole, and also catching a set of Just Married at the Discovery Shop. The Redding scene continues to evolve…

Redding's Art Hop imagesArtHopKimberlyNicole2

You know it’s a mild July day in Redding when Hula dancers can perform barefoot on asphalt while the sun’s still up in the sky.
And of course every performer’s dream gig is a corner in a secondhand store, but sometimes certain things just fit comfortably in Redding, and you are compelled to go with the flow.
Yes, they are Still Married, and they offer their authentic CD’s for a mere $5. How can you go wrong on that? A perfect Art Hop birthday present.
Thanks Art Hoppers and shoppers!

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