City Car Share spotted in Redding

Seen over the Memorial Day weekend. It’s an intriguing concept. Why own a car when you can rent one quickly and easily?City Car ShareRedding is an automobile-centric metropolis.
Good luck getting around here if you don’t have a car.
But owning a car is an expensive proposition. What if you could reserve one by the hour, using an app on your phone? That’s the thinking behind nonprofit City Car Share.
City Car Share2Could it work in Really Redding? With some of the planned urban density now being imagined for downtown Redding, it just might. Certainly worth considering.

I’ve “owned” many cars in my life. Still do. Ultimately their utility comes at a high cost, and the “ownership” is fleeting, illusory. I think many younger people today are more open to the sharing economy, and more easily come to embrace the wisdom that we all ultimately own nothing material. It will be interesting to see if this greater realization helps create a new economy.

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