4-20 Time to consider legalization and taxation of Marijuana

Bee on Lupine
The time has come to consider legalizing and taxing Marijuana. Sure, it’s easier to ignore this problem and go along with the status quo, than to come out for change. But it’s my blog and I can say what I want. There are already a lot of states that have made it totally legal and medically legal. there are medical dispensaries in texas, medical marijuana texas is doing good work and no one is getting hurt. If you would like to try marijuana then you can by getting a ohio cannabis card, it may help for medicinal purposes but it may not. A lot of consumers that are looking to purchase a more raw product, would head to an online retailer like rocky mountain dispensary, but not use it entirely for the medicinal values others would.
Since what we are doing is costly and doesn’t appear to be working AT ALL, I think it makes sense to try another way. I imagine public figures everywhere struggling with this idea. It’s better to get along and go along. But that doesn’t make it the right thing to do. I sense a rising momentum for this idea from the blogosphere, but that may be all there is to it. Still, major newspapers are printing articles like this:
which actually expresses my ideas about the subject better than I can. Even our own local newspaper has hinted at the idea. Which is something at least. It’s time to stop enabling organized crime in Mexico, and making criminals out of local potheads and medicinal users. The hypocrisy of allowing some intoxicants to be legal, and others out-of-fashion to be made illegal, harms our society more than the drugs. Sure the tax revenue would be fine, but the real good would be to reduce the damage to our civil liberties and societal fabric. I don’t advocate drug use, but I fear drunk drivers more than addled potheads, and this foolishness must end. We are harmed by the illicit grow operations in our forests, and by the costly criminalization and imprisonment of the people whose only crime is to themselves. Our current failed drug policy is turning the border into a narco-state. It has come to a point where the law is creating more problems than the subject of the law. California State Assemblyman Tom Ammiano wants to change the law. If you agree, you should tell our local Assemblyman Doug LaMalfa that you are open minded to new ideas to attack this old issue. But then, it’s always easier to go along and get along….

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