Bear Mountain Ranch

Snapped this barn while stuck in traffic today, believe it or not. Click to slightly enlarge.BearMtnRanchWell, traffic control actually. There isn’t much traffic out here. They are widening the road, it would appear. Traffic control is the pause that refreshes. Lean over and shoot.
This barn on Hwy 299 looks great all seasons. Here it is in a very dry Winter.
Just a few minutes outside Redding, it’s Really Bella Vista.

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2 Responses to Bear Mountain Ranch

  1. Lael Miller says:

    May I use this photo in a blog? What a great old barn!

    • Skip@RR says:

      Yes you may, and thanks for asking! If you could attribute it to Really Redding, that would be nice. Interestingly, the barn is no longet there. It was burned in a wildfire a couple years ago. All that remains is the image.

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