Saloons in 1904 Redding

I was looking for some information about the long vanished Golden Eagle Hotel in Redding when I stumbled upon a Business Directory for Redding from 1904 at a Genealogical Site. I absolutely love reading through genealogy resources. You can learn so much about the history of an area and the people that lived there nowadays. To be honest, I have been thinking about doing some work on my own family tree as I would like to learn more about my ancestors. A friend of mine told me that she found some brilliant resources, including a census dating back to the 1900s, on the Genealogy Bank website so I might have to take a look to see what I can find. Do you have any experience researching your family history? Let me know if so as I would love to hear your stories! Anyway, looking through the list of the businesses from 106 years ago, I was struck by how many Saloons there were in town back then. As a proportion to the population size, it would be like Redding today had a hundred or more places to wet one’s whistle. Interesting to consider. Market and California Street must have been quite lively on occasion, shall we say. Below are the listed establishments, along with a few local saloon images courtesy of the Shasta Historical Society (consider joining us). Most of these images are not named, but this first one below is labeled the Royal Saloon.

Redding ca saloon from 1904 era
American Saloon, W. H. Murdock, Proprietor, 417 Market Street.
Black Diamond Saloon, J. P. Brass, 526 California Street.
Borbeck E., Saloon, 405 Market Street.
Buffalo Brewing Co., Barner & Riebe Props., N. End Center Street, W. Side.
Burns’ Saloon, Charles Burns, Proprietor, 418 California Street.
Clinkenbeard Saloon, 505 Market Street.
Redding ca saloon from 1904 era
Columbus Saloon, A. Rassella, Proprietor, 301 California Street.
Favorite Saloon, Reilly & Albrecht Proprietors, 410 Market Street.
Griittner Saloon, A. Merrill Proprietor, Cor. Tehama and Market Streets
Italian Hotel and Saloon Pedrelli & Cleone Proprietors, 219 Cal St.
Jaegel Tony, Saloon, 523 Market Street.
Redding ca saloon from 1904 era
Leavre Saloon, J. Gretz Proprietor, 513 Market Street
Olney Saloon, Mrs. Jane Olney Proprietor, 512 California Street
Our House Saloon, J. F. Tige Proprietor, 414 California Street
Parlor Saloon, L. A. Blodah Proprietor, 500 Market Street
Reception Saloon, W. A. Schroter Proprietor, 409 Yuba Street
Redding ca saloon from 1904 era
Redding Beer Bottling Works, Hoefer & Mevius Props., North End Center Street
Redding Ice Bottling Works, Zeis & Sons Proprietors, 704 Oregon Street
Royal Saloon, Dennis & Lammon Proprietors, 4515 Market Street
Redding ca saloon from 1904 era
Sacramento Saloon, A. Seiger Proprietor, Tehama Street
Star Saloon and Restaurant, Coakley & Monga, 404 California Street.
The California Saloon, J. S. Wheeler Proprietor, 410 California Street.
The Mug Saloon, P. Murphy Proprietor, 406 California Street.
The National Beer Hall. K. M. Quadrus Proprietor, 406 Butte Street.
Redding ca saloon from 1904 era
The Palace Saloon, H. Frickinger Proprietor, 517 Market Street.
The San Francisco Saloon, E. L. McGarity Proprietor, 420 California Street
The Snug Saloon, C. E. Ferrell Proprietor, 701 California Street.
The Turf Saloon, W. C. Litle Proprietor, 412 CalifornIa Street.
White Star Saloon, J. Ritchie Proprietor, 414 Tehama Street

So, what’ll ya have?
Redding ca saloon from 1904 era

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