Happy New Year :-(

2009 is off to an inauspicious start, here at the ReallyRedding blog. The database had been acting up on the backups, and I thought I’d use the holiday break from work to “fix” whatever was going on with the tables. Instead, it seems to have completely bit the dust. I killed it, somehow. And because the database was acting up on the backups, the backups won’t restore.

3 years of work, 123 posts, abruptly vanish.

Well not exactly. I can still read the posts in raw html. I just can’t seem to publish anything on the old blog. The pages all publish blank.

Much heavy sighing ensues. I was happy with the look and feel we had developed. The content offered a glimpse into my work and thoughts over the last couple of years. It was erratic in the beginning, but I had developed a voice, of sorts, and was posting pretty regularly throughout 2008. You could look back and get a good idea what I was thinking and some insight into my personality. Which I hope was helpful. But it all evaporated somehow. It’s very discouraging.

Well, it’s a new year, or so the calendar says. Perhaps it’s time to wipe that slate clean and move on.

No doubt.

Unless something magic happens to that data, I really don’t have much choice. I will try to re-post some of the work as time goes by.

Perhaps appropriately, a couple of buzzards find a dead possum outside my back window, which only adds visual imagery to my blog’s untimely demise. Watching them work, it occurs to me that this is the reason we humans bury our dead. Nobody wants to watch old Fred the possum as he is dispatched. Nobody wants to see their blog end either, but it inevitably does.

Buzzards in Redding

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