Redding’s Bug Emporium and Museum exterminated

Bugs in ReddingWhile Christmas shopping, I went to the on Hartnell, only to find it shuttered and empty. Wow, that’s too bad. Where will shoppers find that perfect gift now?
Bug museum in Redding
I wonder what happened? Just over a month ago, I wrote this piece about them for A News Cafe. I hope they just sold out of stock due to unexpected high demand. Then again, perhaps the inventory was trampled in a Wal-Mart like Black Friday incident. Or perhaps they were forced out of business by big-box competition for the erratic bugs-on-pins marketplace. A jealous Turtle Bay Museum conspiracy? Who knows?
Bug Museum in Redding
Seen in happier days, Redding’s Bug Emporium and Museum was a beacon of knowledge and commerce. Hey, check out those gas prices from just a month ago.

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