Squashghetti -what to do with Summer squash that gets away

We’ve all seen them. Those giant Summer Squash or Zucchini that hide among the leaves in your garden until a few days too late, you notice them. Too big now to become delicate grilled veggies, they are now hulking massive squash.
Or maybe some “generous” neighbor might leave you a bag of them on your porch. By night. So you can’t shoo them away.
Like these big ol’ crooknecks. What to do?
Well, you can shred them into healthy squash noodles. We use a Kitchen Craft hand powered cutter, one of the more useful devices we have in our kitchen. You should check out Kitchen Craft if you haven’t already.

Squashghetti3Then, the delightful Karry whipped up a tomato sauce. If you live in Redding and you don’t have a big bush of Rosemary growing somewhere in your yard, you are missing out. Rosemary grows easily here.

Squashghetti4We microwave the “noodles” for a few minutes to take the edge off, but you could just as easily eat them raw.

Squashghetti5A 2010 Zinfindel from Moseley Family Cellars compliments the dish nicely.

Squashghetti6We toss in some green olives from The Olive Pit in Corning, and some parmigiano reggiano to complete the dish. Much better than leaving a bag of them on your neighbor’s porch in the dead of night. Squashghetti, it’s Really Redding.

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