Go get an Onoburger at the Ono Store and International Cafe

Ono is only about 16 miles from Redding on out Placer Road, but it feels somehow much farther away. Arriving there feels like the culmination of some kind of trek, crossing this insanely tall bridge.Veterans Bridge2
Idyllic pastoral Shasta County scenes line your journey.
IGO barnThe Ono Store and International Cafe is our destination. Downtown Ono.
Ono StoreInside, it’s wild and wonderful.
Ono 2

Ono 3

Ono 4There’s also a patio out back. No photos of the food, for once. We’ll gladly revisit and get some images. They do have good photos at the Ono Store and International Cafe Facebook Page, which you should Like. Order an Onoburger with cheese for the full experience. The buns are homemade. 11851 N. Platina Road. (530) 396-2300. It hits the spot.Ono 1If you can envision the culinary spectrum of Shasta food from east to west as say Anselmo, to View 202, to Damburger, to Moonstone and beyond, you can’t say you’ve experienced the full gamut without a trip out Placer Road for an Onoburger.
Onoburgers, they’re Really Redding.

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