Nathan’s Artisan Sourdough Bread

Nathan makes amazing bread in his home kitchen in Fall River Mills, and sells it at Redding’s Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings.

Our favorite is the Organic Garlic Asiago. Glorious!

“Ingredients: Organic wheat flour, water, organic sourdough culture, garlic, asiago cheese, sea salt, LOVE.”

The LOVE definitely shows! You can also find Nathan’s artisan sourdough breads at R&R Meats in Redding on Tuesdays and Fridays. His kitchen location is appropriate. Fall River Mills began as a water powered mill town. Nathan told me he has a website, but I can’t find much about his baking online. His phone number is 530 276 3717.

Highly recommended! Nathan’s sourdough is Really Redding.

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2 Responses to Nathan’s Artisan Sourdough Bread

  1. Cindy Incorvaia says:

    Thought you were bread at the farmers market on Saturday. Just love it we got the organic Kalamata olive sourdough bread. We would love to order some and have it shipped down to North County San Diego is this possible and what would the cost be? Cindy.

  2. Naomi Mehidi says:

    When I lived in Redding for two years I would eat Nathan’s sourdough bread.
    Now that I’m back in Belgium (Europe) there’s no way to find a sourdough bread like yours.
    I was wondering, (you don’t have to give me the recipe) how do you make such good quality bread? And do you have an idea where I could find it? Even in popular bakeries I can’t find it. So I’m wondering what the thing the makes the bread so moist and good to the tummy.
    Blessings to you,

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