The HDMI cable scam

HDMI cableHDMI cables are currently used to connect HD televisions and computer monitors. I see these cables all the time in stores marked as high as $40 for so called “Hi Def High Speed” versions. That’s just crazy. It’s just wire. Buy them online at Monoprice for $6.

I always encourage people to buy local, but this is different. These are not local products. I realize that overpriced ‘super duper’ hype cables are a key part of certain local retailer’s profit margins, Just know that’s all it is. Overpriced hype.

The reason for this post is an ad I saw on Craigslist. Somebody selling a used cable for $45, that had a “retail value of $89.95.” I don’t doubt that some uninformed electronics buyer would be happy to buy a $90 cable for $45. Too bad it’s really a $6 dollar cable. Also hyped as “3D TV Ready.” People, it’s all just wire.

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