The HDMI cable scam

HDMI cableAs you may have noticed, HDMI cables are used daily and are a common household product, allowing tech owners to connect their various devices together. More often than not, if you were to purchase a gadget that needed an HDMI cable, then it would be delivered with an HDMI cable, eliminating the need to purchase one. However, because our gadgets are usually delivered with cables, choosing to learn more about the cables is a very unlikely occurrence. Of course, you may read the little information booklet that comes with the gadget but that’s not going to tell you how much any replacement parts are going to cost if they are to break or get damaged.

HDMI cables are currently used to connect HD televisions and computer monitors. I see these cables all the time in stores marked as high as $40 for so called “Hi Def High Speed” versions. That’s just crazy. It’s just wire. Buy them online at Monoprice for $6.

I always encourage people to buy local, but this is different. These are not local products. I realize that overpriced ‘super duper’ hype cables are a key part of certain local retailer’s profit margins, Just know that’s all it is. Overpriced hype.

The reason for this post is an ad I saw on Craigslist. Somebody selling a used cable for $45, that had a “retail value of $89.95.” I don’t doubt that some uninformed electronics buyer would be happy to buy a $90 cable for $45. Too bad it’s really a $6 dollar cable. Also hyped as “3D TV Ready.” People, it’s all just wire.

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