Jackson Ranch for Dogs

Possess a problematic pooch? Jackson Ranch for Dogs offers canine training and boarding.

Mark and Carla Jackson

Mark and Carla Jackson of Jackson Ranch

Jackson Ranch for DogsJackson Ranch
“We’re fussy about what dogs we take,” says Carla, who has been training dogs since the 1990’s. This is not dog rehab. But if you have a loving pet who could use some new skills, or who needs a short staycation with some other furry friends, this is a good place.
Jackson Ranch in Happy ValleyMark and Carla Jackson keep track of dog belongingsThe ranch is divided into several fenced yards for outdoor play according to the size of the dog, and there’s a swimming pool.
Jackson Ranch

Handsome Rune spots his returning master, Andreas Furmann of the Record Searchlight.

Find out more about Jackson Ranch for Dogs at their webpage, and at their Jackson Ranch Facebook fan page.
JacksonRanchSignWriting as a Realtor who goes in and out of houses all day, one thing I can say for sure: We love our dogs in Shasta County. And it couldn’t hurt to have them a bit more well-trained. Thanks, Jackson Ranch!

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  1. Laurie O'Connell says:

    We call Carla the “dog guru.” She’s wonderful!

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